Workout: Triple Triple Triple

Today the Panther got back in the saddle at Ultimate Fitness with the lovely and brutal Sac Fitness Fairy. For some reason we were stuck on the number 3 today.

First a few laps around the block, which ended up being a mile total. Ran it at around a 10 minute average pace.

Then we “jumped” right in, with 3 minutes of speed rope, followed by 20 candles on the weight bench, 20 bench press (95lbs) and ending with 20 dead-lifts. We did the deadlifts with an emphasis on hamstring engagement and hips.

The candles bear mentioning. To do this movement, you lay on a weight bench, with a barbell racked. holding the barbell, you steady your shoulders and bend at the waist, keeping your legs straight. Then, utilizing your core for stability, you jackknife up, ending upside down with only your head and shoulders touching the bench, body/legs straight up, toes pointing at the ceiling. I recommend a spot, and starting out on the ground. It is very easy to slip off the bench and wham-jam yourself, head first, into the ground. Let’s not do that.

Once through, we went back to 3 minutes of rope, then back through the 3 movements. And then once more, for a total of 3 rounds.

Then, because apparently 3 is the number and the number is 3, I cruised out for a 2 mile trail run, bringing the total mileage to… yes, 3 miles.

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