Workout: Snatches, pushing, pulling and bells

Since I am still a little gimpy, my warm-up today was a brisk walk on the treadmill. It might have looked like I was running to the untrained eye, but my pace of 18 minutes per mile said differently. I can roll down the street faster than that.

Then the ladders. FUN! The first ladder was amazingly simple, but a little crazy. You start with 10 pullups (best you can). Then do 10 pushups. Easy right? Ok now do 9 pullups, then 9 pushups. Then 8, then 7, onward and downward until you get to 1. You end up doing 50 something of each, right after another, with as little rest as you can stand. I stood and rested a lot.

The second ladder was a bit more difficult, if only because it involved kettlebells. I like kettlebells, but I am always worried I would drop one on my head. Or my toe. Or my crotch. These ladders gave me the ability to do any of the three! YAY!

So the first of the second ladder was to do 10 1 armed kettle snatches. Yes I said it. Snatches. Stop snickering, they’re not easy! I actually did it with fairly low weight (I swam like 2500m the day before so the shoulders were tired) but again, we started with 10 per side.

Then we drop to the floor with the bell over your head in a small bridge, keeping the core tight. Swing the bell down towards your groin (EEP) and do a situp, all while keeping the arms straight and staying in control. Do 10 of those.

You know where this is going right? Then 9 snatches per side (I said stop snickering!), then 9 of the bridge situps, then 8, 7, yadda yadda.

On the scale of torture that the Sacfitness Fairy has inflicted upon my body in the past, this workout was actually quite tame. That or my upper body is finally getting stronger and she’s going to up the ante. One can only hope lol.

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