Gear Review: SKORA Core

In my experience, there’s three kinds of so called “minimalist” shoes out there: 1) The “me too” shoes which took existing traditional shoe designs & put a thinner, usually zero/low drop sole on them 2) The sandal crew (shout out Continue reading Gear Review: SKORA Core

Gear Review: Altra Provision

I’ve been somewhat in a state of wanderlust lately with shoes. I’m stuck in a place where traditional shoes lift my heel too high but total minimalist shoes beat up my feet too bad. There had to be something in Continue reading Gear Review: Altra Provision

Running: Lost Trail 1/2 Marathon 2013

I used to be an awesome runner and then I took a 1/2 marathon to the calf! Ok, not really (and sorry for the terrible Skyrim reference) but this weekend’s foray into the world of runs longer than 10k was Continue reading Running: Lost Trail 1/2 Marathon 2013