Sweats and ladders

Hey kids, it is Tuesday and you know what that means, right? It means the Sacfitnessfairy Roseanne beat up the Fat Panther, but good!

I ended up being “late” today (usually I am 15 minutes early to get in a mile run on the treadmill to warm the old legs up) and only arrived 5 minutes early. Since I was a bit cold we cranked the treadmill up a little before we started our “ladder” workout.

What’s a ladder workout? Well, as it happens, there’s no climbing and no rungs, though the workout did ring my bell! We started with some 45 second “sprints” on the treadmill with a 15 second rest between them, five in total.

Then I had 12 pullups, 12 plank knee-ups with my feet on a box and 12 box dips to get through. Not terrible (though the pullups were brutal) but that was just the start.

The next run through was 4 sprints. Then another run through the pullups, knee-ups and dips. Then 3 sprints and another run through the rough stuff. Then 2 sprints (this time at 1.5 minutes) and another run through the exercises.

By the end I was pretty brutalized, and it was time to drive home. And run 2 more miles. Phew!

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