SFF never goes easy. NEVER. Even when she does.

When I came into the gym today I was worried. I’d felt solid this morning but by 1:00pm my stomach was doing odd things. I’m still not quite recovered from my stomach flu. A quick run actually made me feel better, and I guess my condition showed on my face, as SFF said “Well, we’re going to go easy today. Just 4 exercises, reverse progression, nothing to stir the stomach up”. In my relief I forgot the cardinal rule of workouts – The Sacfitness Fairy DOES NOT GO EASY.

As far as the movements for the day, they were actually fairly tame. Nothing super exotic. No fire pits or throwing watermelons at passing cars. The first was a bench press, flat. First round was 20 reps. Honestly, even that was rough, but after a dizzy spell I kept going.

Second movement was the most “weird” of all of them today, a reverse crunch while holding the barbell above my chest. This is actually tough to describe, I would almost have to just show you. This was on the bench as well, which meant control or disaster. Still, the bar actually pressed my shoulders into the bench which helped make these fairly easy. 20 reps. Then we stood me up with the bar and placed it across my shoulders and did 20 squats. The knees held up nicely.

Done with the bar, now I placed my feet on an upside down bosu and pulled each knee across to the opposing elbow while in a plank position. 20 of those.

Then a 2 minute run at a slightly elevated pace, but nothing I couldn’t handle, even in my yuckified state.

Then back to the top, but dropping reps to 15. Then 10. Then 5, each time with a 2 minute run at the tail end.

For most folks that would have been quite a workout, but SFF has spoiled me. Other than the dizzy spell at the top of it, it was a cakewalk. Or would have been.

See… she wasn’t done with me. No. Somehow she talked me into doing a “Lent” thing, where I do burpees each day. 40 days. 40 burpees the first day, then 39, then 38, all the way down. Now, Lent started yesterday apparently, but in a gesture of supreme magnanimousness, SFF kindly allowed me to skip the 40 of that day and just do 39 today. You know… instead of 79. She’s a saint really. At the end of this I am either going to REALLY hate burpees or become really good at them. Perhaps both.

I just got done with my 39. So far, I just hate burpees. 😛

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