SFF Goes Easy on the Panther for 2013… NOT

So I just noticed it is a new year. SUPER. Thank goodness I don’t write a whole lot of checks. Due to last Tuesday being this apparently important “first of the year” thing, there was no workout. Also I was feeling rather under the weather. Sadly alcohol was not involved. Moving on…

For the first workout of the year of the snake, 2013, SFF only had a whopping 4 exercises for me to do. Yes, I know, like a vacation right?

I got to the gym early to try and warm up with rope. As it turns out my left Achilles is a bit tender. It might be from a 5k run I did yesterday, might be from overdoing it at yoga… whatever, I still warmed up.

Or I thought I did. Turns out that was a warmup for the warmup. When SFF arrived, she immediately threw my fuzzy carcass on the treadmill, cranked the incline and had me “power-walk” with weights while I did a cross chest curl type thing. For a mile. If you’ve never done curls for 10 minutes straight, let me assure you that it isn’t a cake walk. Once done we moved onto the workout proper.

The movements we were doing were a barbell on shoulders box step, a reverse curl to military press, pullups and a squat. Easy right? Hardly even broke a sweat? Well, it is all about how many and in what order.

We began with 40 stepups. There were no weights on the barbell, so it was just the 30 extra pounds. Then we moved onto the mil press, 15 reps. 25 pullups followed, then 40 squats and finishing with 15 mil press. Round one done. There are 3 rounds.

That’s 120 stepups, 90 total mil press,75 pullups and 120 squats. On the bright side, there were no burpees. HAPPY 2013 EVERYONE!

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