Running with James Darren

Most people have never heard of the guy, but one of my very favorite singers is James Darren. Science Fiction afficionados will immediately recognize him as “Vic Fontaine” from the television series “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”. He sings a lot of big band stuff and (and I’m sure people will want to slap me around around for this) I like him a lot more than Sammy or Tony or even Frank. Yes, yes I know. I just like his voice better, his timing. The way he sings seems so right.

What in blazes does that have to do with working out? Well, when I run I try and change up my music to keep things fresh. Sometimes I listen to dubstep, sometimes old school rock and roll, and I’ve even been known to kick on some Yo-Yo Ma from time to time. The trick is to find music that generally fits your intended pace/tempo. It is pretty well known that 180 steps per minute is the optimal efficient rate for a human to run long distances at, but you’d be surprised at what songs work well for that pace.

As it happens a few of Mr. Darren’s songs work real well for my pace, and so I find myself singing along to “It’s Only a Paper Moon” as I cruise along the street. I imagine it is quite an interesting thing for the folks watering their lawn that I pass by…

And remember, even a song as slow as 90BPM works as long as you take 2 steps for each beat.

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