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Today was not a good day for my feet, and related to that, for footwear. I zipped out for a sandal run and took my neighbor along. We did an easy miler (since this was her first run in a long time) at about a 12 to 13 mile pace. My sandals felt great and I dropped her off and went for my second mile. Everything was going fantastic until about a 1/2 mile in when I lost focus for a second while drinking and tripped a little. Unfortunately that little trip was enough to bust the toe thong of my right sandal. Boo. There was no fixing it, at least not out on the road, and another couple blocks showed there was just no way to run safely with that piece broken. Dejected I walked slowly home to keep from tripping.

That wasn’t enough distance so when work was over I threw on my vibram five fingers (vffs) and headed out again. I’d not worn them for a month, and the last run with them I ended up with a hurt ankle and singed foot bottoms, plus a lot of blisters. On the other hand I’d pushed too hard, too soon. I should have been up to the task now with a month of running behind me.

Should have. About a 1/2 mile into the second mile (bad distance for me today) I began experiencing a pain on the top-inside of my left foot. It felt almost like something had stung me, or there was a rock. Turns out that the seam on the vffs was rubbing the foot raw there and had created, and broken, a blister. /sigh So much for these, I think I need to get something else. Something with less padding underfoot than my Yourflex (though I will keep them for workouts, they work great there!) but with more comfort and better build than the vffs.