Panther Gift Guide: Dec 5 (Hydration)

Us humans (even the ones who think we’re panthers) need water to perform properly. That’s just the way it goes. On shorter runs it usually isn’t that important to carry liquid with you, but when you start pushing out (or when the heat is on, on the street) you’d better play camel and bring something with you.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned its that you can’t have enough hydration gear. The more flexibility you have, the better fit you’ll get for your needs as a runner. So if people get me packs or bottles or whatever, I’m all smiles. Your buddy will be too if you hook them up with one of these killer products:

Now, we’ve been over this, but I’m not the world’s biggest hand-held fan. Or at least I wasn’t until I tried Camelbak’s absolutely KILLER Arc Quick Grip. Wow. Comfortable in the hand, with a solid grip and an absolutely brilliant nipple design (STOP LAUGHING) the Quick Grip is probably as good a hand-held as I’ve ever used.
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Longer Runs
When I head out on longer and/or hotter runs, especially when I know there’ll be no water available, I reach for my Ultimate Direction AK Vest.  A hydration VEST? Yeah, sounds weird, but bear with me. Unlike a pack, this vest warps all around your chest, and provides a ton of places to store things, while being light as air. Two front pockets can hold any size bottle (or just stuff) which an expanding area in back can hold a light jacket or even a hydration bladder if that’s your thing. The vest fit means it stays tight without bouncing. You can sleep in this thing.
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(UD also makes a larger pack designed for and by the amazing Scott Jurek, and is designed for much longer runs and/or heavier loads. It can be used for fast-packing and even hikes, and includes loops for trekking poles and even an ice ax!)


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