My blogger friends/inspirations!

Today I wanted to take a moment and throw a shout out to some of my friends & inspirations in the blogging world. If you scroll down a bit, you’ll see on the right side a section called “Inspiration & Friends”. Here’s a little description of what you’ll find at each of those:

Mama Needs Mana
Unlike the other links, this blog hearkens back to my nerdier side. The author is a friend that I made while playing an online video game. Weird, right? Nah, welcome to the modern era folks. She’s a wonderful person, kind and a super entertaining blog writer. This blog follows her efforts to balance life, gaming, motherhood and living in Australia (the last of which is as dangerous an undertaking as there ever was). If you enjoy video gaming and happen to have a spawn of your own, you’ll find much in common with the mana mama.

On the Move Fitness
Martin is a friend who chased down his goal of becoming a fitness trainer in 2007. He’s an inspiration and a hell of a guy. His blog hasn’t been updated much lately, but he has a hell of a cute, tiny excuse. Hopefully once things settle in, he’ll get to posting again. In the meantime, check out the archives.

RunnrGrl’s Blog
This spark plug was someone I met over Twitter, and she is a great read. Her stories will move you, she rarely holds back. She’s a marathoner, nearly died in Africa in a terrible kidnapping incident, and is now chasing the ideal of maximum body fitness/happiness balance. I wish her well and enjoy reading her exploits and triumphs. I’m sure you will as well.

Scott Jurek
I had the honor of meeting Scott and Jenny at a Clifbar event in his honor a few months ago. His blog is a great mix of interviews, pictures, articles and some random funny stuff. If you haven’t read his book yet, it is a pretty damn good read.

Christopher McDougall
You might have heard of him. He’s known as “Oso”, or “The Bear” by Barefoot Ted & company. He wrote a little book called “Born to Run“. Yeah, THAT guy. He’s got a blog, and amazingly (if you’ve ever watched an interview with Chris) every other word is not a curse word. He must have a hell of an editor. 🙂

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