In the ongoing adventures of working out as extreme sport, the Sacfitnessfairy Rosanna came up with a nice set of tortures for me for my Tuesday workout.

We started with a mile on the treadmill at around a 9 minute pace, at about 2.5 incline. Normally I run a 10 or 11 minute mile so this was kind of brutal, but a good workup to the tortures ahead. 🙂

The first was the amazingly easy looking, but (of course) quite difficult exercise called “Wall Ball”.  To perform this exercise you need a tall wall (mine was cinderblock and about 30ft tall) and a medicine ball (mine was 10lbs). You gently squat with the ball in front of you, then push upwards, tossing the ball with both hands at a point on the wall about 10 to 15 ft up. As it comes down, you catch it again with both hands and absorb the impact by coming back down into a squat.

That’s the idea. The reality is that you can do that about 10 times at first. Maybe. I had to throw it up there 50 times. On my first set. By the 50th I was pretty much ready to scream and run when that rubber meteor came hurtling back down at my head. Brutal.

And just because pain is the fuel that Ro runs on, the next exercise was 25 dumbell presses. Yeah, same muscle group that I just blew up.

Next we switched to abs (and hip flexors/quads, but only because my abs are sad). Incline situps, 50 of the damn things. Then we moved to some unholy cross between a bridge (shoulders on a flat bench, feet on the ground, abs are a soft, fluffy table) where I swing a 20lb weight at my nethers 25 times.

Then, of course, I did it all again. And now that I was pretty much dead on my feet, once more into the breach.

And since life isn’t life without pain, I went home and ran a painfully slow 11 minute pace 2 miles. But that was a nice rest, a relaxing aside, laying back on the beach with a drink, compared to wall ball. LOVE WALL BALL. LOVE IT.

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