Gear Review: Road ID Slim

The RoadID is a modern, athlete’s version of the medical bracelets that a lot of folks wear to inform medical personnel of  allergies and conditions they may have which could negatively impact care. Even if you current own and wear one of these (I would actually say ESPECIALLY if you do) a RoadID might be a good idea if you are an active runner, biker or other outdoor athlete.

While the RoadID serves a similar function to a medical bracelet, it has other uses. You can essentially write anything you want on them (within reason of course). There are a number of sizes and styles, but for my needs I chose the RoadID Slim, a narrow, lightweight silicone band with an etched stainless plate.

While I like the look of the other RoadIDs like the Sport (a fabric version) and the Elite (a wider silicone version with a buckle), I was looking for something lightweight and subtle. Also, I’m a sweaty panther, and I figured that would mean a stinky band if it was made from fabric. I’d rather not have to launder it.

The band is similar to a lot of silicone bands many people wear (like the LiveStrong and breast cancer awareness bands) and if you already have one of these bands you’re set, you can just clip the RoadID onto the band. Although I had a few of these, I decided to buy a red band and get another black one for a dollar just in case.

The process of ordering a RoadID could not be easier. You go to their website and click through to the band style you want. You then will choose the size of the band you need (they have a very useful sizing chart), color and style. Then you will have the opportunity to choose what to print on the band. Since I don’t have any known medical allergies, I put my name, my wife’s name/number, my father-in-law’s name/number, my doctor’s name/number and, of course, “The Fat Panther”.  Anything else would be uncivilized.

You get to review your choices, fill out your payment info and in about a week you get a package with your new RoadID!

Let me just say here too that I was incredibly impressed with what arrived. I expected, honestly, a ziplock back with a couple bands. I received instead a seriously nice stamped metal box with “RoadID” embossed onto it, with my bands inside and a thank you letter. RoadID goes out of its way to cater to customers and really believes in itself. I mean that in a good way, they know that their product has the potential to help people and even save lives and they walk the walk. Sure they’re a company, yeah they want to sell more product, but at the end of the day it feels more like they are doing what they love to do, and love helping people while they do it, rather than a greedy money hungry type of situation. Just that fact makes me want to support them.

But I digress. Once open, the bands inside were very nice. The silicone is extremely soft and the actual ID was printed well. It slipped onto my wrist easily (go go sizing chart!)  I’ve now run with it on my wrist for a couple weeks and it basically disappears. You don’t feel it is there, and you hope you’ll never need to use it, but I’ll be pretty stoked I have it if I trip over a tortoise and end up head down in a tub of jello on 21st St.

Cost: $15 + shipping
Score: 10/10 RAWRS (Would recommend, would buy again, you should get one!)

High: Light, comfy, could save your neck
Low: Doesn’t fold my laundry, not Siri enabled.

(Full disclosure: I loved my RoadID so much I am now an affiliate for them. If you want one, click the link above or in the menu at the top of the blog so I can buy more Panther Kibble ™.)

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