Blackjack and licorice whips

Due to mass amounts of turkeys being consumed this week and other sundry holiday oriented details, the SFF was unable to personally see to my weekly dose of pain fun this week.  However, she did send me homework, which I assume must partially be a joke because… yeah there’s no way. So I did more than half the workout and will finish the rest tomorrow.

Since the treadmill here is utilized strictly for use by puppies, my warm-ups were all rope based, with a little ground work. I’ve procured a less lethal rope for my use, and did 100 jumps, followed by 10 mountain climbers. Then another 100 ropes, followed by 20. So on and so forth until I did 50 mountain climbers all in one shot. So that’s 500 jump ropes and 150 mountain climbers, in case you were counting. I was definitely warmed up, and the licorice whip rope I am now using is SO much gentler on my skin when I screw up.

Then SFF got clever. She decided we’d get to 21, the hard way. Normally that means with 5 cards but I’m guessing poker is her game (the way she tells me to do these crazy workouts straight faced, I think she could win it all!). What this meant was that we had the following exercises: pull-ups, dips, tri-touch push-ups (I’ll explain this in a second) and reverse crunches. You do 2 minutes of rope, followed by 21 of all of those. Then you do another 2 minutes followed by 18 (then 15, 12), so on and so forth until you do 3 and you’re done.

Those of us with enough fingers and toes will quickly figure out that’s 7 rounds, with 14 minutes of rope (after doing 500 earlier).  I might have even made them all had the garage dust and must not given me a coughing fit. I managed to finish the “12 reps” round, which meant I completed 4 of the 7 rounds. I’ll do the other 3 tomorrow before my run. Still not a bad hour’s work.

All of the exercises are self-explanatory other than the “tri-touch” push-ups. Essentially what you do is you do a push-up while simultaneously bringing one leg up to your chest, touching the foot down. It totally blows up what a push-up feels like and destabilizes you, forcing your shoulders to really work to keep you in place while you hold your lower body steady with your core. Very effective.

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