2X through before 2013

Yesterday I had my first post-xmas workout and let’s just say it was rough. Not so much the workout, which was actually right around the normal level of SFF brutality, but more the weight of several overly indulgent Christmas meals slowing me down.

To help out the burn we started with 5 minutes of rope followed by a mile on the mill, and switched out to a full TRX based workout with 2 rounds.

The first movement was a pushup-jack where you hold the straps while inclined and complete a pushup then do a jumping jack movement with your legs. The first 5 or so aren’t especially tough, but the need to stabilize your entire body begins to show itself at around 10 reps. We did 20.

Next we did a set of mountain climbers, feet in the straps. Each foot went 20 times for a total of 40 reps. Out of all of the exercises, this was the easiest in terms of actual strength and served more of a cardio burn purpose than anything, though it still required a fair bit of shoulder and core to keep centered.

We then put both feet into one strap and did “spiderman pushups” essentially doing a pushup while the free leg comes up on the side of the body. In terms of strength required, this one is rough. Not only are you doing 20 pushups, you are also fighting the yaw of having one foot suspended as well as trying to keep your core tight while the other leg comes up your side. Then you swap sides, meaning a full run through is 40 suspended 1 legged pushups. Ouch.

Next we got up off the floor and worked “I’s”, where you lean back holding the straps and then, arms straight, raise them up high above your head. To add a full body motion to it, you follow with a full squat, butt to the mat, after each I. I actually enjoy these a lot as the motion is identical to the movement you do when releasing a highbar on dismount. While I haven’t done that in 20 years, it is still familiar and fun. 20 times.

Then we stirred the pot. What? Yeah, that’s what I said. To complete this movement you get into a high plank with both feet suspended. Bring knees in to your chest and then sweep them out to the side, extending back out to plank in a long arc. 20 each side. Quite rough on the wrists if you get sloppy.

Finally we raised the straps up and in a fully horizontal position did pull backs with a knee kick on each side. In this position you are essentially using your full body weight and the kick up only makes it rougher as you have to hold for a moment longer. 20 total here.

Then we ran through once more, only reducing the numbers on the pushups as 20 was simply too much to complete in the time allowed. Apparently I need to work on my chest as that was what was failing here.



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