Inline Skate Lessons

Sacramento Area Inline Skate Lessons

After a bit of time off, I’m going to be starting back up doing inline skate lessons in the Sacramento area. All levels welcome, if you’re a seasoned skater or a total beginner I can help you improve in all facets of your skating.

We will find a location that works best for you based on your needs and experience level. I will travel anywhere in the Sacramento area.

My lessons are primarily geared towards adults. However, couples lessons can include teens and younger children if the other person is their legal guardian.

Basic safety gear is 100% mandatory during lessons, no exceptions. This includes a safety helmet, wrist guards, knee pads & elbow pads. If you do not have these I can let you know where to get them. The lesson will not start without those on your person.

What will you learn?
Lesson plans are custom designed for each individual and their needs and specific current abilities. I can teach all forms of striding, skating backwards, braking & stopping and even things like riding down stairs and jumping. Keep in mind, if you want to learn “aggressive” skating but are a novice, we will work basics first until I feel the student is ready to move up.

1 hour lesson (individual) – $50
2 hour lesson (individual) – $75

1 hour couples lesson (2 people) – $30 each
2 hour couples lesson (2 people) – $40 each

(Larger group lessons are available, please contact me for details)

Instructor Experience
I was first certified as an inline skating instructor by the IISA when I was 17. I’ve taught thousands of students in the SF Bay area, Sacramento area and even Virginia Beach.

In the 90s I was captain of Team Nuvo in San Mateo, CA, which skated as Team Rollerblade North at events throughout Northern California. I was sponsored by Rollerblade, Hyper Wheels, Harbinger, Senate and many other companies during my professional inline skating career. I performed in front of tens of thousands of people in venues such as the Oakland Coliseum & The Cow Palace in San Francisco.

I’ve continued inline skating instruction and have helped a certain Sacramento area mascot with his skills & stunts. I am hoping to help revitalize the sport of inline skating through instruction & information. Inline is a low impact, safe and amazingly fun way to get your cardio in!

To schedule a lesson or get more information, please email me at or contact me on Twitter or Facebook. I look forward to helping you become the best skater you can be!

4 Replies to “Inline Skate Lessons”

  1. Hi there
    I’m Max from Ireland.
    I plan to be in SF for a month and really want to learn either rollerblading or skating as have never tried it.
    Do you do lessons in San Fran?
    If not can you recommend somewhere as would love to try it.

    • Hi Max,
      Unfortunately, SF is a bit far to travel for skate lessons for me, as I’m about 2 hours away.

      However, not all is lost! Go here: and scroll down to the San Francisco section. SkateIA is an inline, roller and skateboard instruction certification authority here in the states, and their teachers are great. They teach everything from the basics, to more extreme stuff. You can also email SkateIA directly and ask if they have recommendations or ideas for you while you’re here. I hope you have a fantastic trip and have a great experience learning skating in SF 🙂


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