No, you can’t be Starlord. But that’s OK.

We’ve all heard someone say it. Hell, we’ve probably said it ourselves. Let me set the scene: “Chris Pratt, he of various Marvel superhero & dino fame is set to star in the new film ‘Dino Dancing‘, the uplifting story Continue reading No, you can’t be Starlord. But that’s OK.

Workout: Foot. Ball. Run.

So with World Cup fever officially dying down (till next year, go USA ladies!) there is still the echo of soccer (or futbol, as it is known pretty much everywhere else on the planet) in the air. Here in Sacramento, Continue reading Workout: Foot. Ball. Run.

Stop toning and start building

Most people by this point have grown immune to the worst of the “weasel-word” ads for fitness and nutrition. Generally if you see “one weird trick” or “5 minute whatever” you can be sure that either the author is being Continue reading Stop toning and start building

Workout: Triple Triple Triple

Today the Panther got back in the saddle at Ultimate Fitness with the lovely and brutal Sac Fitness Fairy. For some reason we were stuck on the number 3 today. First a few laps around the block, which ended up Continue reading Workout: Triple Triple Triple

Running Workout: Quads and Quarters

So I went out and did this workout a couple days back, but I thought I would post it up. Basically this is a mix-up workout, combining some slow running with speed work. Starting off, get a nice warm up Continue reading Running Workout: Quads and Quarters

Run Workout: SpeedyMiles Double

So today I went out and realized that instead of having well over an hour for a nice run, I actually had 30 minutes tops before I had to be back, showered and ready to go to an appointment. Such Continue reading Run Workout: SpeedyMiles Double

Workout: Triples & a brick

So on Thursday I rolled into Ultimate Fitness ready to rock, but a bit cautious. I’ve been breaking a lot of rules in terms of increasing run frequency in order to try and make my CIM less painful. However, the Continue reading Workout: Triples & a brick

Meditation and donuts day at ultimate fitness

And if you believe that, I have a few acres of pristine, swamp free land to sell you in Florida. Still, it was worth asking, as I was coming into the day somewhat injured. Not especially, and due completely to Continue reading Meditation and donuts day at ultimate fitness

Row, Row, Rosanna, Fifties

It is amazing how sometimes your trainer knows you better than you know yourself. I came into the gym today in a foul mood. Why? No idea. I was just grumpy. I wanted to push iron. I wanted angry workout Continue reading Row, Row, Rosanna, Fifties