Review: Eguku Running Belt w/ Light

There’s an absolute ton of running belts out there, but I needed one with:
– Multiple pockets
– Bottle holder
– Lights (rechargeable if possible)

Turns out, there’s a few of those out there too, and this one from Eguku looked great at a great price.

It was $19.99 minus another 15% off coupon the day I bought it, but your mileage may vary. At that price I felt it was worth taking a swing on a product from a company I’d never heard of.

Who wore it best? lol

Paid model
I will pay you to put a shirt on model

So a few things about this belt. First off, it has a crazy nice adjustment setup. There are belt adjusters on BOTH SIDES. This is critically important, as there is a light on both the front and back, and the two adjustments allow you to center the two lights on your body.

The belt includes two pockets (one large, long one that easily fits a phone and snacks, and a smaller one for keys or (in my case) an asthma inhaler.

The lights are BRIGHT. Not as bright as my pale belly up there (sorry) but still, QUITE BRIGHT. One of the really nice features of the belt is that there are separate controls for the bright, wide front light and the red rear light. So for example you can have the red light on and flashing while the front is just on. Or both just on. Or just the front on. The battery seems nice and large, and while I haven’t tested the battery life, since everything is LED and the battery seems rather large, I feel like it should be fine for most morning or evening runs.

OK, bad stuff. The charger is micro-USB. I know that shouldn’t annoy me, but it does. I much prefer USB-C only because everything is USB-C now, and having to also have/carry a micro is another cable I will inevitably lose. Is this a deal breaker? No. I have 2 older headsets still that are USB-C (one is my favorite headset). So while a little annoying, it is fine. It charges fast and works.

The “bottle holder” is just ok. It is actually a horizontal loop with a small “catch” loop under. What this means is that a round bottle can actually (quite easily!) slip through. I used a 10oz “flat” bottle though and it worked a treat. I also have a 20oz flat that I will try next run. There was absolutely zero bounce.

The material is a very soft and flexible neoprene. I’m torn here. While I like how it feels, it was sopping wet after a 2.5 hour run in the afternoon sun. I have to assume this thing will need washing, which will require removal of the lights. Luckily they come off easily.

Overall, winner winner. Comfortable belt with high usability, a bright safety light, which lets you carry some water that is super adjustable and very, very inexpensive.

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