Pushing iron, dirty dozens

It is always rough getting back into the swing of things when you’ve been away from workouts. I recently moved and the hectic schedule of that plus my normal work meant I ended up skipping my workouts for 3 weeks (and didn’t get much running in either, yuck). However, everything is getting back to normal, so I swung by Ultimate Fitness to get in a workout and try and bring the ship back on course. When I texted SFF I told her I was “looking forward to pushing some iron” as I had a weird compulsion to do actual LIFTING vs wiggling around on the group in some straps looking like some kind of low budget S&M film.

SFF, of course, took my request to heart and built me a “traditional” lifting set, albeit with her special touches. We’re gonna call it dirty dozens, as for SFF “low reps” means 12, in this case. (And, of course, 50 later)

But first the warmup. I ran an easy mile on the mill, then did 8 hill sprint repeats with the incline at 6, 45 seconds on with 15 second rests.

We started with 12 barbell curls with a preacher bar, slow down quick up. Easy enough. Then a dozen chest presses, slow down, explosive up (bang those plates). Then 12 dips off the side of the bench, feet up on a jump box, legs straight with a 35lb plate on my thighs (I know, right?). Then 12 pullups, wide grip.

For “rest” I did rope for 2 minutes straight. Then once more into the breach, and again for 3 total repeats, 36 total reps of 4 movements. Not a bad Tuesday afternoon.

And, of course, because SFF can’t leave well enough alone, we just had to add a bit of core. 50 sit ups with an overhead press of a 25lb plate. Ouch. However, it is good to be back. Sitting here swilling a protein shake and mauling a ProBar. Not a bad Tuesday afternoon indeed.

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