More than two months of running, and a wet floor takes me out.

If you’ve been wondering where the Fat Panther has been, he’s been down for the count. After a couple days spent in a reefer at the local Japanese Cultural Festival (I help make some of the food) I managed to catch the cold my wife had the previous week. So there went Monday and Tuesday. Which would not actually have mattered, as a slip in the kitchen on a wet spot managed to sprain my ankle, but good.

A visit to a doctor today determined that, yes, the ankle is sprained (with a pinched nerve to boot) and that running is verboten for SEVEN days. I am beside myself. I’ve already been off the run for five days, another seven seems… insane. Then I remind myself that 3 months ago I wasn’t even running. Breath. The ankle will get better, you won’t gain all the weight back in 7 days, everything will be fine.

In the mean time I’ve said so long to California Family Fitness, whose Sunrise location is absolutely terrible (and you can quote me on that). Tomorrow I’ll be signing up for a month with the Swimstitute across the freeway from CalFailFit, where they actually use their pool for swimming. I know, shocking. I can’t really actually KICK persay, but I plan on using a float. Yes. For the whole workout. I WANT TO RUN DAMN IT. /sigh

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