Running Workout: Quads and Quarters

So I went out and did this workout a couple days back, but I thought I would post it up. Basically this is a mix-up workout, combining some slow running with speed work. Starting off, get a nice warm up Continue reading Running Workout: Quads and Quarters

Run Workout: SpeedyMiles Double

So today I went out and realized that instead of having well over an hour for a nice run, I actually had 30 minutes tops before I had to be back, showered and ready to go to an appointment. Such Continue reading Run Workout: SpeedyMiles Double

Running Tips: Getting Started

As someone for whom running was, not too long ago, a punishment, I know how difficult it might seem to begin running. Barriers seem to pop up everywhere. No time. Being overweight or even just under-fit. No proper shoes/gear, no Continue reading Running Tips: Getting Started

Panther Gift Guide: Two for one

Since we missed yesterday, let’s go for a two in one with today’s post. As I mentioned before, runners are a bear to buy for (and I’m not just talking about Oso). We tend to not need a lot, and Continue reading Panther Gift Guide: Two for one

Running Tips: Avoid the treadmill

This is the time of year when a lot of people hop on the treadmills at their local gyms to avoid the cooler weather, rain, fog, and all of the other things our friendly local mail delivery person scoffs at. Continue reading Running Tips: Avoid the treadmill

Running Tip: Run your own race

This is something you hear all the time, but it is an important thing to remember even when training. When you’re out running, you should be out running for a reason. Time again coaches have stressed that quality is always Continue reading Running Tip: Run your own race

Running Tip: Clear your regulator

A while back a friend of mine was telling me how he never drinks while running. At the time, well, it blew my mind. I couldn’t understand it. I was looking around for some kind of decent hydration solution (see Continue reading Running Tip: Clear your regulator

Running’s time problem

I recently read an article online about qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Not because the race interests me all that much (I’m far more interested in trail stuff these days) or that I could even manage to qualify for it. Continue reading Running’s time problem

Jogging? How about Jugging?

Anyone who has talked to me on the subject knows how much the term “jogging” annoys me. It is often said in a condescending manner, such as “Oh… you said you were a runner, but you’re just jogging” as thought Continue reading Jogging? How about Jugging?