About The Fat Panther

What is The Fat Panther?
The Fat Panther is Mark T., a formerly over-fat, under-fit guy right around the age of 40, who decided 2 1/2 years ago that enough was enough, and that he’d share the journey here on this site. Long ago he was a professional inline skater, a sponsored skier, a skating instructor & a gymnastics coach. Somewhere along the way he fell into a desk job. This is the climb back out.

As of 2014, The Fat Panther will also be a brand. One of the perks of my desk job was learning how to create & design, and with the new year comes a new look, a fun logo & clothing/accessories that should help with your active lifestyle. We plan on doing give-aways & are looking into charities to sponsor and contribute to.

Finally, The Fat Panther website will continue tracking my progress with running and fitness, but also push into more reviews of products, video reviews, video how-tos & running trail guides.

What’s with the new logo?
One of the most important things we wanted to do was to focus on the positive this year. While amusing, our old “Get fit or die trying” carried with it a dark humor that we wanted to leave behind. The new logo switches to a fresh, fun & modern feel. We hope you love it as much as we do!

I want more Panther, where do I go?
The Fat Panther is active on Twitter. You can follow his hijinks by following @TheFatPanther on http://www.twitter.com.  There will also soon be a YouTube channel. All updates will be listed on our blog here.

I’m a gear manufacturer and would like to send some product for review, who do I call?
Please follow & send a tweet to @TheFatPanther & we will contact you via DM. Items received for review must be available to us for a minimum period of 30 days to provide a proper & fair review.

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